Best of Gold Coast Winner for 2016

Best of Gold Coast Winner for 2016

THANK YOU! 3 Years in Row “Best Diner” and “Best Breakfast” not just in Stamford, but the Entire Gold Coast! We can’t begin to show our thanks and appreciation! This means the world to us considering how many people voted! Our mission when we opened 29 years ago was to provide you a diner experience unlike any other. We work hard and tirelessly because we love our customers and being in hospitality, our customers are everything. You have all become our family and friends! A big thank you again to everyone! Don’t forget to attend the Gold Coast Party on July 28th at the Stamford Hilton!

Opening Hours

  • Monday — Saturday 7 AM — 9 PM
  • Sunday 7 AM — 2 PM
  • Sunday Brunch 10 AM — 2 PM


463 Elm Street Stamford CT 06902
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